Third Level College Grants

Dan Neville encourages all Intending Third Level students to apply Immediately for College Grants

The new central online system for student grants is now live. Student Universal Support Ireland, or SUSI, will be accepting all new grant applications and giving out payments to students starting college in the coming academic year or those beginning new courses. Intending College Students, who think they may be eligible for a student grant, should apply now. Students do not have to wait until they receive an offer of a place or enroll in college”.

Up until last year, students applied to their local authority or VEC for their grants. Some 66 grant awarding authorities were involved, all using a variety of application, assessment and payment processes

I greatly welcome the introduction of the new system which I am confident will eliminate the difficulties that thousands of constituents faced every year, with delays in the processing of college grants. I am aware of many cases where students had to wait for many months after commencing college, before their college grant application was actually processed. This caused great hardship to many families.

SUSI replaces all of these with a centralised, easy to use, on-line system of application. SUSI is run by the City of Dublin VEC which was chosen to operate the student grant scheme in an independent selection process.