Refurbishment of Kilfinane, Co. Limerick

To ask the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government if he will make a statement on the refurbishment work in Kilfinane town centre, County Limerick. – Dan Neville

For WRITTEN answer on Tuesday, 2nd February, 2010.

Ref No: 4462/10

what was the total cost of all the works carried out in Kilfinane Town Centre including water, sewerage, replaceming the public lighting system, road and footpath renewal, wall building, planting of trees and scrubs, plants etc., bollards, pedestrian crossings and “the water feature”.An individual costing for each of the above items is required.


Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (Mr. Gormley):

Under the Urban and Village Regeneration Programme 2000 – 2006, grant assistance was provided by my Department to local authorities for a range of interventions to upgrade the fabric of the built environment in cities, towns and villages. Final funding allocations under this Programme, which ended in early 2008, involved total EU and Exchequer co-financed expenditure of over €158m.

My Department part funded regeneration works at Kilfinane, County Limerick during the course of the programme. The total grant assistance provided amounted to €1,331,184. The detailed costings for the individual component parts of the project are held by Limerick County Council who were directly responsible for the management and implementation of the regeneration project.

My Department has not funded any water or sewerage works in Kilfinane.