Rathkeale Rapid Programme

I welcome the developments regarding the implementation of the Revitalising Areas by Planning, Investment and Development (RAPID) Programme for Rathkeale. The Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs has informed by way of Dail Question that I placed in relation to the up to date situation in relation to introducing the RAPID programme to Rathkeale that at present Rathkeale has a Taskforce in place made up of members of local State agencies, as well as community representatives. This Taskforce is in the process of becoming the RAPID Implementation Team for Rathkeale.

The Department is making €250,000 available to Rathkeale form Dormant Account funding to be used on small infrastructural products over the next two years. Mr. Darrragh McGuigan of the Department of Community and Enterprise of Limerick County Council has been appointed as been appointed co-coordinator with responsibility for RAPID in Rathkeale. The Implementation Team is at present in the process of appointing community representatives. This is planned to be completed by the end of this month.

The RAPID programme, which is a focused initiative developed by the government to target the most concentrated areas of disadvantage in the country, opens up a new avenue for support for the community of Rathkeale. It is in recognition of the challenges facing the town and should be seen as a positive statement of support for those within the community who are campaigning and working for a new future.

“Community and Voluntary participation is at the heart of the RAPID Programme, which was devised to give communities a strong input into developing action plans for their own areas.