Proposed Traffic Calming at Croagh will improve village life

The construction of the new national primary road at Croagh in the mid nineteen eighties, while very welcome, but as I have repeatedly highlighted, the route physically divided the village. As a result, contact and communication within the community has been less cohesive then prior to the new road. I have over the years continued to highlight that half of the population of the village must access the services of the village (church, school, shop and bars) by crossing a very fast trafficked road. The GAA and comogie fields with the adjoining sports’ facilities are divided from the centre of the village This division has obvious concerns for safety of traffic crossing and especially children accessing the centre of the village.

I am now pleased to be informed by Limerick County Council that preliminary design works are now underway for a traffic calming scheme at Croagh. This scheme will consider access arrangements to the village, pedestrian movements with possible pedestrian crossing of the main road and will involve approach gateways, road narrowing and definition, and a possible speed limit. It is proposed to go to public consultation this Spring, with construction to follow as appropriate.

I welcome the proposed road developments which will add to the amenity value of the village.