Pathways to Work

Fine Gael Limerick T.D. Dan Neville today stated that “ ‘Pathways to Work’ would make it easier for the unemployed to find jobs and will prevent people getting stuck on the Live Register long term.

I feel very strongly that early intervention is vital; we want to make sure that a person’s first day out of work is also the first step back to employment. The unemployed will be engaged with in a tailored way to ensure that they get the support that they need to get back to work. A detailed needs assessment will be targeted, prioritising the long term unemployed, to identify what kind of support is needed. Specialised case workers will help people take the necessary steps to get a job, be that training, education, work placements or job search assistance.

There are grounds for hope in the Irish economy: we see a stabilisation/modest reductions in the Live Register as well as recent high profile job announcements like Sky and Paypal.

The aim of this Government of this Government is to create the environment where the number of people at work will increase by 100,000 by 2016; the aim is to achieve this by creating 20,000 direct jobs in manufacturing, 30,000 jobs in internationally traded services and an additional 50,000 spin off jobs. The Government has a number of strategies in place to create ambitious increases in levelling employment in different sectors. 10,000 jobs in the Green Economy by 2015, 7,500 jobs in Value Added Food Production by 2020, 2,500 jobs in Digital Gaming by 2014 and 12,500 new jobs in the IDA Supported Sector in 2012.

Job creation is the centre of every decision the Government make and the Action Plan for Jobs sets the ambitious target of creating 100,000 by 2016”