Neville presses the case for Adare bypass in Dáil Eireann

Neville presses the case for Adare bypass in Dáil Eireann

Fine Gael TD for Limerick, Dan Neville TD, has this week spoken in Dáil Eireann about the urgent need for a bypass for Adare.

 “As people in Limerick know well, there is a distinct need for a bypass for Adare on the N20 road. The N20 into Adare has been named by AA Roadwatch as one of the country’s worst in terms of traffic tailbacks. It has also been listed as one of the country’s slowest roads by the AA based on information received from the Garda Síochána and bus companies.

 “That is no surprise to the people of Adare, who have been experiencing tailbacks for a number of years, with traffic coming into and leaving Adare. During bank holidays, two-mile tailbacks build up on the approach into Adare from the Kerry side as a result of people returning from holiday periods after the weekend.

 “In response to a contribution I made on the matter in Dáil Eireann yesterday, Minister Varadkar outlined the difficulties associated with the preplanning discussions with An Bord Pleanála regarding the proposed Adare bypass. I welcome his decision to amend the Roads Act 2014 as he has promised.

 “It is very frustrating for those who want to develop the tourist projects in Adare and for the people who live in Adare because the enjoyment of their village is inhibited by the high level of traffic passing through Adare.

 “It is not right that one of the most serious bottlenecks in Ireland is also is in one of its prettiest villages and that local tourism and businesses are being held back because of a situation that has continued for 30 years. We look forward to the Bill being amended and to engaging in preplanning discussions.”