Government permits Councils to use portion of roads funding for CIS & LIS

Dan Neville TD, Chairman Fine Gael Party greatly welcomed announcement by Michael Ring TD Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport that a portion of the €24million that has been allocated by the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Paschal Donohoe TD, for regional and local roads can be used for Community Involvement Schemes and Local Improvement Schemes.

This will ensure that Local Authorities together with local communities have increased flexibility to progress remedial and maintenance work carried out on roads in their area.

“Minister Paschal Donohoe announced that 20% of the roads allocation can be used by local councilsfor Community Involvement Schemes with 10% allowable for Local Improvement Schemes, which will greatly assist local communities.”

“Community Involvement Schemes facilitate a person, or groups of persons, with the consent of theroad authority, to carry out maintenance and improvement works on local roads. This allowscommunity participation, either in money or in kind (for example through the provision of road machinery, excavators, road building material, labour etc.) in having lightly trafficked roads maintained to a good standard.”

“Similarly, Local Improvement provide funding for roads and laneways that have not been taken in charge by the council, the maintenance and improvement of which is a matter for the relevant land owner. In addition approval can be sought from this extra allocation to fund urgent road safety projects which Local Authorities wish to progress this year.”

“By allowing a portion of this much needed funding to be allocated in this way, flexibility is given to local communities and to the council to ensure that surfaces are kept to a high standard, helping to minimise accidents and keep our roads and laneways in good working order.”