Funding needed urgently to repair damaged roads – it is a matter of life and death – Neville

Fine Gael Limerick TD Dan Neville called on the Transport Minister Noel Dempsey and Environment Minister John Gormley to reverse their decision not to provide emergency funding to repair roads damaged by the recent bad weather. Deputy McEntee said the current state of the roads will cost lives if they are not repaired. Many of the roads in Co. Limerick are in a hazardous condition and are in urgent need of repair.

“This is not a matter of book keeping, it is a road safety issue and it’s crucial that a country wide road audit is undertaken immediately to establish where the most damage has been done. An Emergency Committee has now been set up to deal with the crisis however, Minister Gormley and Minister Dempsey have stated that there will be no additional funding made available to local authorities to carry out the work that is needed.

“In last month’s Budget, the Government slashed the road maintenance budget by nearly 10%, making the current situation even more critical. Without additional financial assistance, local authorities will be unable to restore our roads adequately.

“ There have already been reports of burst tyres which is an instant safety concern for drivers. We can not accept these sub standard road conditions. The Government, as a matter of urgency, needs to instruct the Emergency Committee to carry out an audit and provide the funding to make the repairs necessary to make our roads safe again.”