Extra Curricular Activities for Schools

To ask the Minister for Education and Skills if he has taken back allocations for extra curricular activities in schools as outlined in Circular 43/2009; if the funding is available; if it will be allocated to schools; and if he will make a statement on the matter. As some schools have reported to me they have absolutely no allocations and can’t even organise to go to a match – Dan Neville.

* For WRITTEN answer on Thursday, 15th September, 2011.

Reference Number: 24297/11


Minister Ruairí Quinn

The substitution cover arrangements introduced in January 2009 have been allocated for the 2011/12 school year up until the end of December 2011. These arrangements provide for an allocation of hours to individual schools to enable substitution cover for uncertified sick leave for teachers in post-primary schools and for official school business in post-primary schools. Revised allocations were forwarded to schools at the end of August. Details of the position for the rest of the school year will be notified to schools by my Department at a later date.