Croom must retain its ATM


Dan Neville TD, Chairman Fine Gael Parliamentary Party on today Tuesday 13th January has called on the Ulster Bank to retain the ATM services at the Ulster Bank in Croom.

“It is imperative that the ATM machine is maintained as the nearest access to money (ATM) is 14 kilometres away. We all know that there is an ever increasing reliance on ATM machines and when people come in to a town for shopping or socialising etc., etc., many of them expect to draw out the money they need on the said day and if they don’t see an ATM machine, obviously they will drive to the next town where there is a cash dispensing machine and ultimately will stay in that location to do their shopping or socialising etc., etc.”

“The removal of an ATM machine in the locality can have a knock on effect, as it will mean that people would have to retain large amounts of money in their homes and obviously in the present climate, this is not advisable. In recent days, I have been contacted by many constituents in the Croom area who are extremely worried about the possibility of the withdrawal of the ATM machine and I plead with Ulster Bank to ensure that they will take into consideration the great custom that has been given to them by the people of Croom and the surrounding areas and see fit to retain the ATM service in Croom.”